PXR2023 Welcome Speech. World Design by Myles Steel.

PXR Engage takes traditional Conference presentations, turns them upside-down, inside-out, and flips them onto a VR Headset. For this stream, we want to hear about your creative vision for live XR productions, and how your specialization and expertise influences your creative approach in this medium.

Perhaps you are developing a new platform for digital storytelling, or you can offer a blueprint for what is required to develop a live experience. We are looking for interactive, digital presentations that take full advantage of the XR medium, rejecting the traditional Conference powerpoint plague of “talking heads”. What would you like to share, and what is the most powerful way you can do so?

  • Digital or Hybrid
    • PXR Engage presenters will have the opportunity to present in PXR’s custom-built VRChat conference world, with technical support from the conference team. We are also open to presentations taking place in the platform / world of the presenter’s choice.
    • Hybrid presentations should be available for audience members to watch live in Vancouver (BC), Toronto (ON), and/or Kingston (ON), and should also have an XR component.
  • Successful applicants will be provided a presentation fee

Application accessibility support: If you would prefer to answer the application questions via a video or phone call with us, please email contactus@singlethread.ca and we will reach back out to set a time to call. If there are other ways that we can make this application more accessible to you, please email us and we will do our best to work with your request.

Apply here!