The 2023 Conference Theme is “Under the Sea”, and the main digital hub will be located in a VRChat World, underwater. Presentations will be part of the following programming streams which are our way of categorizing all our different types of programming and presentations – from high level ideas to more technical deep dives, installations, performances, and more!

PXR Experience

PXR Experience is a platform for new, in-development and presentation-ready live performances in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality to be showcased between November 10 – 19th, 2023.

We welcome performance works (theatre, dance, opera, etc.) that are hybrid or digital, on any platform, with special interest in projects that focus on audience agency and interactivity. PXR Experiences present up to three performances to the PXR attendees and the public during the conference.

PXR Engage

PXR Engage takes traditional Conference presentations, turns them upside-down, inside-out, and flips them onto a VR Headset. For this stream, we look for interactive, digital presentations that take full advantage of the XR medium, rejecting the traditional Conference powerpoint plague of “talking heads”.

PXR Laboratory

PXR Laboratory focuses on the technical aspects of developing a live XR performance. We invite technical experts who work on XR experiences (developers, designers, gamewriters, project managers, and more) to offer a peek into their development process, focusing on specific tools necessary to create in XR.

PXR Arcade

PXR Arcade is all about fun, and games that can be played with new friends. We program gamemakers with exciting team-based games that can be played in VRChat, on a Meta Quest headset. These games will be showcased during the Conference, and open for all Conference attendees to attempt in teams.