Supporting New Realities

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PXR began as an idea in the fall of 2018. In 2020 the Performance and XR Conference became a reality. A new community came together, nationally, globally, virtually. Since then, with the support of hundreds of avatars, individuals and organizations, that community has blossomed into a village, gathering annually for the PXR Conference.

Single Thread Theatre Company strives to serve the PXR community and keep it growing. We fundraise and grant write to keep costs low for participants, fees high for artists, and programs as accessible, equitable, and inclusive as possible. We cannot do it alone – it takes the village.

Please consider a contribution to keep PXR thriving in all realities.

With your help – we can bring new innovations and ideas, ethics and aesthetics to the leading edges of the metaverse, exploring art, community and perception. Donate today.


We’re very grateful for your support and promise to pay it forward in pursuit of artful worlds and communities.

Single Thread Theatre Company is a non-profit society based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. At this time we are unable to offer charitable tax receipts for donations – but can provide a host of benefits for supporters and sponsors. To find out more about being a donor or sponsor contact us at